Where can I pay with Mobino?

We plan to open our service to the general public in July 2013. At that time we will publish a list of merchants who accept Mobino payments, both in your city and online.

If you are a merchant and you wish to accept Mobino payments,
contact us now to be part of the first wave.

We accept applications from businesses active in the European Union, Switzerland or Norway. Retail shops, bars and restaurants, service companies, e-commerce sites, you are all welcome to join the mobile payments revolution.

No credit cards, no POS terminals, no NFC, no dongle, no hassles.

Enjoy Mobino’s simple fee structure: 1% commission, no minimum, no subscription.

What are the costs?

Sending money from one Mobino account to another is free.

Paying for goods and services is free for the buyer and costs only 1% in commission for the merchant.

Currency conversions are charged at a market rate which depends on the currency pairs involved and our ability to aggregate them. We will strive to offer reasonable and transparent costs for international transfers and remittances.

How secure is Mobino?

Handling money naturally requires special attention to security. Here are the things we do to protect your money, your confidential information and the data transmitted between your smartphone and our services:

  • The Mobino smartphone app doesn’t store any sensitive information; it knows only your phone number and your last account balance. We also store a unique secret key that is generated when you install and authenticate the app on your device. Should your phone be stolen, the thief cannot make transactions on your behalf without knowing your personal secret code.
  • If you (or someone who has stolen your phone) enter a wrong secret code three times, we will immediately lock your account. The smartphone app will delete all its data, and can no longer communicate with our servers until a) your account is unlocked by our service center; b) the app is re-installed and your phone authenticated again.
  • All communication between the app and our servers is encrypted with industry-standard encryption (SSL/TLS, HTTPS). Old versions of ciphers and protocols deemed insecure by current cryptography research are rejected. In addition, we check that the smartphone is indeed communicating with our servers, not with a spy impersonating our servers (the “Man in the Middle” attack). If we detect this condition, the app will not communicate with the server at all. (Note that this can also happen, if you are on a captive WiFi portal and haven’t authenticated your device yet.)
  • Every request sent by the smartphone app is signed with the secret key that is stored on your device. Our servers check for a valid signature on every request. If the signature is valid we know a) that the data hasn’t been tampered with; b) that the request indeed comes from your phone, and not from somebody pretending to be you.
  • All server systems are redundant. Our servers are located in a modern and secure datacenter, somewhere in Switzerland. All our systems are backed up multiple times per day to an offsite location. All transactions are logged for perpetuity, providing a verifiable audit trail.
  • Our team proactively monitors developments in the field of data security and applies industry best practices, while striving to maintain ease of use.
  • Mobino SA is a Swiss company operating under applicable Swiss data protection laws and financial services regulations, which are among the strictest in the world. We are members of ARIF, a Swiss self-regulating body recognised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Its function consists in ensuring that the financial intermediaries affiliated to it comply with their relevant obligations.

Thanks for trusting us.

Where is my money stored?

Your Mobino balance is stored on an aggregate account at PostFinance, a regulated Swiss financial institution holding more than 100 billion Swiss Francs in customer assets.

Money that we hold on your behalf remains safely parked on this account until you either:

  • send money to another Mobino member, where the amount is allocated to them within our aggregate account;
  • pay a merchant, where the amount is transferred first to the merchant’s Mobino account, then to their bank account;
I don’t have an Android or iOS device – can I still use Mobino?

Yes, our system can also be used with any regular phone, by calling a voice interface on a local number in your country. We will roll out this feature first in countries with a low smartphone penetration. In the meantime, Mobino is available worldwide for Android and for iPhone.

We are also exploring other smartphone platforms such as Blackberry, Windows Phone or Nokia S40. Their availability will depend on market demand, so do let us know where you need to deploy Mobino.

How can I load my Mobino account?

Feel free to experiment with the system: we are presently giving out 5 CHF to every new member, potentially converted to your local currency. Send money to your friends and they will get the signup credit too.

You have several ways to inject money into your Mobino account:

  • direct debit from your bank account;
  • wire transfer from your e-banking platform;
  • Swiss ESR payment slip.

To activate any of these services, just tap “Refill account” in the Mobino app and follow the instructions.

We do not plan to accept credit cards. Ever.