Mobino is a fast, secure and cheap payment option.

As a merchant, it’s important to have a payment solution that is fast, simple to setup and use, reliable and cheap. Other payment solutions (like credit cards) can be difficult to setup (or are expensive if you have to go through an intermediary like a payment provider like PayPal).

With Mobino, you can start requesting money immediately from your smartphone app. To receive the money, we only need your Address and bank account information.

Mobino supports both real world transactions (for example in a shop, a kiosk, on the flea market) or online through a webshop. To integrate with a webshop, check out our API.

Step 1

Request money by entering an amount on your smartphone. Receive a token number and show it to your customer.

Step 2

Your customer enters the token number and agrees to pay the amount. After having entered his secret code, you both receive a notification of the payment via SMS.

Step 3

There is no step 3 – the payment is executed immediately. You can now choose to have the money transferred to your bank account at an interval of your choosing (daily, if you want to).

We charge you 1% commission on the transaction – that’s only 30% of a credit card transaction.