Geneva, 11 February 2013

Last week we took one more step on our tour of European tech conferences with three wonderful days at Lift 2013 in Geneva.

More than 200 Lifters signed up for Mobino to buy some drinks and snacks at the venue. The bartenders were delighted with the application’s ease of use and with the speed and efficiency of our payment process at point of sale. The PinkFloydesque “ka-ching” sound punctuating each transaction drew many smiles and cheers.

Overtaken by enthusiasm, we picked 12 winners for our 10-winner lottery, including renowned blogger Eva Sander and Lift founder Laurent Haug: they have received an extra 100 Swiss Francs free credit, which were converted to 1392 Mexican Pesos for Eva.

Thanks to everyone for your support and feedback. Special thanks to Charbax for his new Mobino live demo video.

Happy year of the Snake!